Our clients like us for two reasons. 

 1. We always want to make good videos. There is no point in making videos that nobody will watch.

2. Our prices are transparent and reasonable. We  produce custom-made, high-quality videos, similar to the big agencies. But unlike the big agencies, we will not charge the price of a Ford Mustang. Not even a Fiesta. We are a small network of designers and video specialists, that's it. No fancy offices, no sales team. We promise you will not find any signs of the money we save from our flexible structure in the final video - only in the invoice that we send you.

Our Explainer Video Categories:

Category 1



For 2.450,00 Euro

Our most basic package. Nothing fancy. Reduced Design and a simple animation style. For clients who are looking for simple, rational storytelling rather then big emotions.

Max. 90 Seconds

Incl. Concept

Voice Over and Music

1 Round of Corrections

Production Time: 2-3 Weeks

Simple Illustrations

Minimal Animation

Kategorie 2

"On Point"


For 3.450,00 Euro

Individual Whiteboard or Flat Design with full colors and dynamic animation. We can already tell some elaborate strories and explain compelx subjecs in this category.

Max. 90 Seconds

Incl. Concept

Voice Over and Music

2 Rounds of Corrections

Production Time: 4-5 Weeks

Detailled Illustrations

Elaborate Animation

Kategorie 3



for 4.850,00 Euro

Our most advanced package. This means we will not hold back any effort or time. The design and animation here are of maximal individuality and attention to detail.

Max. 90 Seconds

Super Duper Creative Concept!

Voice Over and Music

3 Rounds of Corrections

Production Time: 4-6 Weeks

Fabulous Illustrations.

Maximal Animation

Biggest Fan Video Quality

After more than 150 successful explainer videos we have optimized our work flow, so that we are able to offer our neat video packages. The set prices make the process transparent. Extras like additional length or multiple languages, will be quoted accordingly.

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